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Michael Vincent
Bellissima by Micheal Vincent
Enjoy the soft, romantic artwork of Michael Vincent. Soft lighting and
delicate details make Vincent's art a must-have piece for any collector.
"Bellissima" is a limited edition hand-embellished giclee on unstretched
canvas by Michael Vincent. Numbered #172 of 195 and hand-signed by the
artist, this piece includes a Certificate of Authenticity! Painting measures
approx. 17" x 23" (image) with a list price of  $1,400.
Bellissima by Michael Vincent
Michael Maselli and Vincent Silvano are the two talented artists who create
and collaborate under the name "Michael Vincent." Maselli considers
himself a self-taught artist; over the past fifteen years he has collaborative
with several well-known artists and learns more every step of the way.
Silvano studied at the Cal Art Institute and with the Art Students League.
The two artists met at a blues guitar jam in Los Angeles and both remark
on the instant connection they felt. They have been collaborating artistically
in the years since then.

While both Maselli and Silvano share a passion for figurative painting, each
man has his own unique style – Maselli prefers to work in an "exuberant
abstract-impressionistic style," while Silvano's work utilizes classical
techniques. In tandem and individually the two use the technique of
"chiaroscuro" – contrasting light and dark to create a sense of three
dimensions in a two-dimensional art field. Michael Vincent's work is also
heavily textured and together Maselli and Silvano create luminous,
captivating art based on their mutual trust and appreciation.
Did you know?
The highest price ever paid
for an original painting was
in 2006, when Jackson
Pollock's "No.5, 1948"
(pictured below) sold for
$140 million.