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"The Clubhouse"

Limited edition Printer's Proof by Bob
Byerley,  #10 of 10. Measures 27"x 36".

"Artie first saw her coming into the
clearing. 'Hey, Russell, ain't that your
little sister? Hey, no trespassing! No girls
allowed; Russell, tell her to go home!'
"That ain't my sister, I got no sister."
"I been to your house a zillion times
Russell, I know that's your sister; run
her off."
"I got no sister......"
Hannah yelled back, "I'm gonna tell
Mom, Russell!"


"Naming of the Flowers"

Limited edition print by Bob Byerley.
#654 of 950. Measures 20"x 24".

"Every year, for the past ten thousand
years a child has been chosen for a
wonderful task. On the eve of the first
full moon of May the child deemed most
gentle, kind, and loving is given her
instructions. For the next three days the
child assigns names to the new flowers
that have been found throughout the
year by the grassland fairies. Each new
name chosen by the child is written in
the Book of Flowers and mentioned
frequently with awe and respect by all
the peoples of the valley. This is an
honor that all children should strive to
achieve through sweet and kind deeds
they bestow on other children and the
valley animals..."

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Original Bob Byerley
paintings sell as high as
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Limited Edition hand-embellished giclee
on unstretched canvas by Michael
Vincent! Numbered and hand-signed
#172/195 with Certificate of

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